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'People say you can't measure culture, that it's intangible - yes, you can: in conduct'

- Sir Win Bischoff (2017)


Sample Interviews


Dame Carolyn McCall (2017)

'Leading in a variable environment means absorbing a lot of the uncertainty. It’s about being honest with what you say – and what you don’t say'.


Sacha Romanovitch (2017)

‘It’s your people, stupid.’ How people perform is fundamentally part of the environment you create for them. It is about creating an environment that makes them flourish, rather than curl up and die'.



Anne Richards (2014)

'A woman of many particles'

Sir Roger Carr (2013)

'To become a chairman, you have to develop the correct mind-set'.


Sir Ronald Cohen (2013)

'I began to realise that what we had done for business entrepreneurs we could also do for social entrepreneurs'.

Stephen Haddrill (2013)

'If you regulate activity you are asking people to behave in a way they wouldn't otherwise'.


Margaret Cole (2013)

'The absence of family money pulled me away from being a barrister'.

Lord Davies of Abersoch (2013)

'If you treat the doorman the same as the chairman you will be a great leader'.


Baroness Scotland (2012)

'I was warned I had three impediments: I was female, I was black and I was not Oxbridge'.

Antony Gormley (2012)

'When  you take the broad principles of social justice and political freedom into the art world, art must be for everyone'.


Sir Philip Hampton (2011)

'I like to think the things that have interested me are businesses that can and do change...'

Emer Timmons (2012)

'Competition is in my DNA'.


Sample Articles



'Some investors won't jump out of the way of an oncoming bus until they figure out the risk of being hit'

- Nico Aspinall, Spring 2017


Fortnightly Governance Watch - Corporate Governance issues in the media

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Addressing Board Composition In a Changing World

Asked to contribute by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), on the 25th Anniversary Of The UK Corporate Governance Code

- October 2017