About Me

As an independent writer and commentator, I have a strong focus on corporate governance, ethics and the workings of the boardroom.

On the permanent staff of the Financial Times at 23, a confluence of life choices and events meant I was out of full-time journalism for over 25 years. But sheer determination, a love of all things technology related – and the deft use of social media – resulted in the relaunch of my career, and I am always excited to cover the latest in the tech sector.  

A regular contributor to the FT between 2010 and 2013, I have been a prolific Forbes contributor on corporate leadership for four years to September 2017. I have also written for a host of other publications and now work regularly as a consultant to business.

In 2011, when I was writing extensively for the Financial Times’s non-executive director club, I launched ‘Board Talk’ to capture the nuances of journalistic observation that don’t always make it into a story for publication in the mainstream media. It was inspired by the women I spoke to as I covered the UK government’s drive for female representation in FTSE 350 boardrooms. I was urged by a female non-executive director to call it ‘Board Talk’ not ‘Bored Talk’, to liven up what was seen at the time as a very dull conversation both in and about Britain’s boardrooms.

From the start, Board Talk attracted global attention and a loyal following. As it grew in confidence and widened its scope, it also gained generous commercial sponsorship. It was sponsored for four years by the software arm of ICSA: The Governance Institute, until ICSA Software was taken over. Board Talk is open to corporate sponsorship on the same terms as before: no editorial control.

I was on the steering group for the London-based cross-party think tank, the Centre for Progressive Capitalism, where I was in illustrious company in contributing the final chapter (on pensions) to a book published in June 2017. I am now a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Progressive Policy, which has succeeded CPC, and is fully funded by Lord David Sainsbury, as part of his work on public policy.

As Special Consultant to the Dean of London Business School, Laura D’Andrea Tyson, I played an important role in her report on the Recruitment and Development of Non-Executive Directors, and am credited there. I have worked in headhunting in London at senior levels in a variety of firms and have a good understanding of the industry. 

Born in India, I grew up in Washington, DC and attended Wellesley College in the US, graduating Cum Laude with an accelerated degree. I went on to Oxford University for an MA and Cambridge University for an MPhil. I spent three years from 2009 on the Cambridge University Alumni Advisory Board as one of its founding members, and was deputy Chair of the board’s Communications Group.

My writing for Forbes on corporate leadership led me to writing increasingly about institutional investors and a rising tide of interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns for business. That, in turn, led me inevitably to a focus on the evidence on climate change and the urgent need for action. 

In my travels on Twitter, I started a light-hearted awareness campaign around issues involving boardrooms and corporate governance by posting a cartoon every Sunday with the #CorpGov and support from others interested in governance across the world who joined in. It has been going a long time now, and appears to have a loyal following - whenever I try to stop doing it, I get protest. Look out for the cartoons across social media, do join in if you like, and you may see some of the cartoons that have been featured on this site.

A more detailed profile is available on LinkedIn and you can find me easily across social media – on Twitter, on Google+, on Instagram and on Facebook

Thank you for reading, and if you enjoy Board Talk please spread the word.